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Related article: C? K. J. 5. 4 10. 7. 3. A. K. Where Can You Buy Permethrin 6. ^ A. J. 7, 2. C? A.4. ♦ Q. 5, 4. QJ.ia8,6,3. ^ K. 3. Score : — N.S., lo ; E.W., 26. South deals and declares dia- monds. Leader, West. (i) West leads 5 of spades. Won by East. (2) East leads 2 of spades. Won by South. (3) South leads Buy Permethrin Spray a high diamond. Where Can I Buy Permethrin Cream Won by East with the king. (4) East leads spade trumped by South. (5) South leads high diamond. Won by East. North discards heart. (6) East's only chance to save the game is to find West with a trick in hearts. He leads the 5 ; South puts on the ace first round to draw Permethrin Spray Where To Buy the remaining trumps, if divided, and his clubs and trumps win all the remaining tricks. N.S. score 24 by cards and 12 by honours and win the game. If East had changed Where To Buy Permethrin suit and opened the hearts at trick 4, as he ought to have done, when he still had the command of trumps, he would have saved the game ; but these windfalls are part of the dealer's perquisites. Now suppose that South de- clares No Trumps. There is no preventing E.W. from making three spades, two diamonds and two hearts, and N.S. lose the odd trick and the game. If the game be the deciding Permethrin Where To Buy one of the rubber, better go No Trumps and take your chance ; otherwise, the ques- tion cannot but be considered dubious, depending on the idio- syncrasy of the player and the view of life he happens to enter- tain at the moment. With four aces always make No Trumps. You have four certain tricks, and are 100 by honours. With three aces and the deal make No Trumps. This is an exception to the normal No Trump hand, which has been defined as a queen above the average. On a pass it is very doubtful whether you should make No Trumps on three aces and nothing else. The exposure of the hand is always a source of weakness ; but with an adverse score it is neck or nothing. Speaking generally, for the same reason, the dealer's partner, at love all, cannot afford to strain the declaration with the same impunity as the dealer. Two aces, a king and a queen are rather better than three aces. But two aces and a king, or one ace and two kings, are not sound as No Trumpers, unless you are driven by desperation, when, like the drowning man, you clutch at straws. Holding C?K.7.3; ♦A. 8, 6, 4; A. 5. 4, 2 ; ♦ K), 9. the dealer should pass, the dealers* partner should make spades. Buy Permethrin Cream Online In the long run you are bound to lose by playing against the pro- babilities. The dealer, having passed, cannot be trusted for more than three tricks, and his partner, with the above cards, should expect to lose the odd. You are better off if you lose five by cards in spades than the odd in No Trumps. When the adversaries are so nearly game that they are almost certain to go out on their next deal, it has been recommended Buy Permethrin Cream to go No Trumps on a doubly- I900.] THE GAME OF BRIDGE. a63 guarded queen in each suit. The policy is exceedingly doubtful. In such a case partner may be trusted to declare for the utmost his haiad is worth, and if, when you pass, Where Can I Buy Permethrin he can do no better for you than a spade, be thankful to save what you can out of the wreck. If you are in a particu- larly tight corner, and hold C?Q. 10,7,3; +0.6,5; Q. 9, 8 ; ♦ Q. 3, 2. stretch a point and go hearts ; you • have at least a colourable pretext. A useful mode of computing whether or no a given hand is a legitimate No Trumper is to reckon an ace as equal to a king plus a knave, or to a queen plus a knave plus a lo. Similarly, a king equal to a queen plus a lo, or to a knave plus a lo plus a 9, never forgetting that, to be worth its full value, a card must have its full comple- ment of guards. II. — Hearts. When you cannot make No Trumps, you are naturally de- sirous of making hearts. Con- sider the following : — (10) C? A. J. 7, 6, 5; + 8, 4, 3; K. 2 ; + A. 6, 5. Counting one of the aces as the equivalent of a queen plus a knave plus a 10, we see, first, that this hand is not a queen above the average, and, secondly, that the king of diamonds has lost value. It is not, therefore, at love all, a No Trumper. Is it a heart hand ? The criteria that have been sug- gested (and we think them good, though a rigid line of demarcation is Where Can I Buy Permethrin Spray impossible) Permethrin Buy are the following : — To go hearts on five, as dealer, when you cannot go No Trumps, (i) The hand should be at least of average strength. (2) You should hold at least one certain trick in the hearts themselves. These two conditions (when the length of Where To Buy Permethrin Cream the trump suit is taken into account) ensure a reiasonable probability that you will not be put hoYs de combat by a force in one of Where To Buy Permethrin Spray the weak suits, and that you will, in any case, win the odd trick. Under such circumstances it is imprudent to drop the sub- stance for the sake of snatching at the shadow. Your partner may be Permethrin Cream Buy able to declare No Trumps if you pass, and you may win the game right oflf. Equally well, he may be forced to fall back on spades, and you will only have yourself to blame.